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August 1, 2019


My family and I are pleased to let you know that my Sister's battle with cancer has seen a happy ending. She is no longer experiencing this dis - ease and is now looking forward to starting school at the end of this month to obtain her Masters Degree.  I am beyond proud of her and for her strength and incredible attitude that she kept the entire time. We want to thank everyone for the incredible support we have received.  This little project raised an amazing amount of money for her and helped ease her struggles greatly. Words can not express my gratitude for the love and generosity that we have been gifted through your purchases and kind expressions.

This little company has also been a life long dream of mine and I have enjoyed making and creating these crystal treasures. It is very therapeutic to me and puts me in a meditative state that has been so helpful in getting through one of the toughest times I have experienced. That being said I have decided to relaunch the company as my own way of expressing my creative side and sharing a piece of me with all who may enjoy what I have to share. I am coming up with new ideas and learning more about the craft of jewelry making and hope to create something that may be just the piece you need to help get you through the day. Something that you can wear that gives you that extra feeling of love, protection, hope or confidence. In the next few weeks I will be adding some of my new pieces to the website. I hope you will enjoy what you see and if you have any suggestions or want a custom piece please reach out. I love a good challenge. With my entire heart I thank you once again for the love and support you have so freely given to something that means the world to me!

June 20, 2016

Humble Gypsy  is an expression of love and creativity in an effort to assist my amazing Sister who is going through the battle of her life and winning a little more each day all on her own terms.  It has not stopped her from doing anything that she has wanted to accomplish ( aside from missing a Guns - N - Roses concert because she had to have her surgery the day they were in town). She works a very stressful job with foster children who depend on her heavily. She is so dedicated to these children and their well being and has hardly missed a beat through her surgery and chemo treatments. She still runs all the races that she sets her heart on, goes to yoga along with home cross fit work outs that her fianc'e creates for her that tire me out just hearing about them.  She is in another state and I feel helpless so often so I created Humble Gypsy out of my love for Healing,Creating and Crafting Jewelry, to help her heal how she chooses with a little less financial stress on her plate and to make it possible for us to see her while she needs her family more than ever.  Humble Gypsy creates a circle of healing for us all. The dainty crystal necklaces have healing and other beneficial  properties that will help you heal and achieve your goals, the money that your support provides allows my Sister to heal by having less stress in her life and the creation of this little jewel shop helps me heal by having a place to put my energy about all of this and knowing that I have found a small way to help my best friend!  Your donation - purchase is dearly appreciated and we hope you enjoy your Humble Gypsy crystal pendant necklace in honor of the kindness you have expressed. Thank you for your support.



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